SATCOM Division

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National Informatics Centre is the nodal Information Technology organization for informatics development and networking in Government and Government related Organizations.

NICNET facility has been established in all Central Government departments, 35 States/UTs and over 600 District centers to facilitate informatics development for decision support and information exchange. A high speed NICNET National info-Highway, an incremental overlay over the existing network had been setup with SCPC, TDMA VSATs, DVB and DVB-S2 Broadband VSAT technology to take advantage of Internet technology in India.

SATCOM Division has more than 3500 VSATs connecting all the Districts/States/UTs of India and providing VSAT connectivity to many Government sponsered project like:-

NIC has Pan India Video Conferencing presence. To know more about NIC's Video Conferencing facility please visit Video Conferencing's site.