SATCOM Division


NIC set up a Nation Wide VSAT Network, named NICNET way back in 1987-88 when the Data communication Networks were at nascent stage.The NICNET proved quite successful as it helped in fastening the Information Flow from Center to States and Districts. The VSAT Network was based on STAR Topology wherein a Centralised Master Earth Station (MES) equipped with a Large 11 Meter C-band antenna along with Hub Equipment was established at NIC HQ, Delhi.

Owing to the importance of MES, a core group named Satellite Communication (SATCOM) Group was formed to operate, manage & maintain the NICNET (VSAT Network) on 24*7 round-the-clock basis. SATCOM group is also commonly known as MES group.

Over the years, with the growth of telecommunication infrastructure and availability of more affordable terrestrial connectivity, NICNET gradually became a hybrid network with a large proportion of it moved onto terrestrial connectivity.

The VSAT connectivity remained confined to geographically difficult locations like North Eastern States, Hilly Regions of North India, Islands, less populated tribal belts etc.

As on Date SATCOM Division is operating, managing and maintaining three VSAT Hubs belonging to three different OEMs, namely Hughes -HN and Gilat -Skyedge-II, all these VSATs are operating in Ku-Band.

Each VSAT Hub can cater to VSATs belonging to the same technology i.e. as that of VSAT Hub. All VSAT Hubs are interconnected at Router level at MES.

SATCOM Division has also established a Disaster Recovery Centre at NIC Hyderabad.

SATCOM Division has more than 1000 VSATs connecting to Districts/States/UTs of India and providing VSAT connectivity to many Government sponsored projects.